The W Brisbane Is Now Open

by Zac George
a building with many balconies and people walking on the street

Brisbane has just welcomed their newest luxury hotel, the W. The brand has reentered Australia and this is the first W property not only in Queensland, but also in Australia. The 312 room, category 4 hotel is located on the waterfront of Brisbane overlooking the river (Not that it’s that nice to look at 😉 )

The property was originally scheduled to open December 22nd last year however got delayed and was pushed forward, this is quite a normal thing in the hotel industry. The W isn’t the only Starwood hotel to be opening in Brisbane this year, the Westin will ‘hopefully’ open on November 5th of this year but that can and most likely will change.

The hotel has 7 types of room types, they’re listed below with relevant information:

  • Wonderful Rooms (40sqm)
  • Spectacular Rooms (40sqm)
  • Cool Corner Rooms (40sqm)
  • Marvellous Suites (80sqm)
  • Fantastic Suites (80sqm)
  • WOW Suites (120sqm)
  • Extreme WOW Suites (200sqm)

Here are some media photo’s of the brand new property:

For those wanting to know, the pool is outdoors but is also heated.

a swimming pool with a black and white patterned wall

W Brisbane


a room with a bed and a dresser

W Brisbane Wonderful Room


a room with a large bed and a television

W Brisbane Spectacular Room


a living room with a couch and a tv

W Brisbane Marvellous Suite


a bathroom with a round mirror and tub

W Brisbane Marvellous Suite


a room with tables and chairs

W Brisbane Ballroom

The W is a fantastic edition into hotel market in Brisbane. Brisbane has been lacking luxury hotels for quite some time as their hasn’t really been a huge need for some but as tourism is expanding rapidly it makes sense to expand.

I’m currently in Bangkok at the moment but once I’m back, I’ll be reviewing the property asap, I’ve been waiting quite some time for this hotel and cannot wait to see what it’s like.

What are your thoughts on the W Brisbane?

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Paul Borish June 2, 2018 - 5:56 pm

My thoughts? I’m checking in in 7 hours! Looks great. I’ll post some photos tomorrow.

747always June 7, 2018 - 6:57 pm

Those zebra stripes at the pool seem very disorienting.

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