The Westin Brisbane Is Opening Up Their Swim-Up Bar To The Public

by Zac George

I’ve stayed at the Westin Brisbane only once but let me tell you, it’s a fantastic hotel. The location, amenities, furnishes and overall look and feel of the property are fantastic. The hotel is a lot more relaxed and nowhere near as extravagant as the W as it caters to a different audience and is often a lot quieter.

Both hotels have awesome pool facilities and the W pool bar or ‘Wet Deck’ is even open to the public on weekends. I’ve had drinks there a few times and have found the atmosphere to be lovely and the cocktails there are AMAZING, especially the passionfruit mojito 😉

As someone who can not stand nightclubs and be around large groups of people who are drunk, the W has become a default location for catching up with friends and having a few quiet drinks.

W Brisbane ‘Wet Deck’

The Westin not only features a great pool but they also have a bar that is directly attached which means you’re able to swim right up and enjoy a beverage while still in the pool.

The Nautilus pool bar is open to hotel guests on Friday from 3 pm until 7 pm and for both Saturday and Sunday, it is open from 12 noon until 7:00 pm.

Westin Swim-Up Bar (Image – Marriott)

The swim-up bar often is open for events and parties hosted by the hotel

The hotel often runs parties and events for the public which gives them access to the pool and bar. The hotel is now currently running their latest pool party which starts on the 1st of November and will end on the 21st of December, each weekend between now and then will be open to non-hotel guests.

As with most hotels, the pool facilities aren’t free for non-hotel guests so the bar will be charging an entry fee of either $20 when booked online in advance or $25 if you choose to pay at the door.

To pay for entry online, click the link here.

I honestly had no idea the hotel ran these type of events so I thought it would be worth sharing because there would be quite a few people that would take advantage of this.

Not only does the bar provide alcoholic beverages and cocktails but they also have a food menu which can be found below:

If you are planning to visit the swim-up bar as a group, it is recommended that you reserve a table as I imagine the pool area will get pretty busy. You can email the bar at

I think this is a pretty smart idea from the hotel as it’s a nice way to bring in some more revenue as well as promote the hotel in a positive way and would give visitors a small taste of what they can enjoy when staying at the property.

Would you visit the Westin swim-up bar for some weekend drinks?




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