Adelaide Will Be Getting A New Hyatt Regency In 2023

by Zac George

Hyatt has very recently announced plans for a brand new property which will be opening up in the coming years in South Australia. In 2023, the U.S based hotel chain will open up a new hotel in Adelaide marking the return of the Hyatt Regency brand to the area.

Hyatt have explained that the hotel should be fully constructed by 2020 with the offical opening of the property to be in 2023.


Hyatt Regency Adelaide will open to the public in 2023

Per Hyatt,

“The development of the new Hyatt Regency Adelaide will mark an important re-entry into Adelaide for the brand and also fill a key gap in Hyatt’s domestic Australian network,” said Monika Dubaj, vice president real estate and development, Asia-Pacific, Hyatt. “The hotel is part of our strategy to provide more offerings to travelers as we expand in Australia, with new destinations such as Adelaide and Brisbane that will complement our current portfolio of seven hotels in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Canberra.”

The hotel will include a Regency Club lounge, a swimming pool, a rooftop bar, direct access to restaurants and government buildings, a fitness centre and 750 square metres of conference room space.


Hyatt Regency Adelaide

I for one am very excited to see plans for Hyatt continuing to expand their hotel portfolio, especially in the Asia/Pacific region. For a long time it’s been a very limited range but over the past few years we’ve seem some big things from Hyatt in Australia. The Hyatt Regency Sydney and the upcoming Hyatt Place which will be in Brisbane.

For those not aware, the old Hyatt Regency Adelaide is currently the InterContinental. InterContinental took over the hotel property in January 2019, up until then the Hyatt was open since 1988.

Overall I think the Hyatt Regency will be a great suit for the South Australian city. The Regency brand isn’t too luxurious but also definitely not sub-par, it’s a fantastic brand that will fit in extremely well.

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