Etihad Is Revamping Their Onboard Economy Service On A320/A321’s

by Zac George
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Etihad has recently announced some pretty great upgrades that customers will enjoy. The Abu Dhabi based carrier has announced some major changes that will be coming soon onboard the A320 and A321 fleet. The carrier is currently upgrading the cabins on the aircraft which include brand new seating in the economy section which will include a device holder, wireless entertainment, USB charging ports, and a whole new dining experience.

The new seats are designed by the company Acro, which are based in the U.K. The exact dimensions for the seats aren’t available right now but if you want to have an idea of the actual seat itself take a look at the Series 6 seat.

a plane with many seats

Etihad’s New Economy Seat While Be On The Carrier’s A320/A321’s

Etihad have stated that the seats will provide more knee space, fast charging ports (I assume 2), and device storage. The upgrade in the cabins actually started in 2017 but the airline seems to want to announce it better now along with the other enhancements.

The airline will also be introducing inflight wireless entertainment. Etihad is using the Panasonic exW system which will allow passengers to stream over 300 hours of entertainment. Passengers will also have the ability to stream HBO & Universal shows straight to their desired device. Passengers will just have to download the E-BOX app before their flight.

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Etihad Wireless Inflight Entertainment On A Tablet

The carrier now offers free dining on all short-haul flights. The carrier has also upgraded the sizes of dishes and for flights longer than 3 hours, the dining onboard will be focused on the destination city which is a cool concept. The airline has also decided to invest in new cutlery which is said to be 85% lighter. New Blankets, pillows and headrests will also be part of the upgrade.

Additionally, Etihad will be serving desserts along side their after-meal service, this will be for flights longer than 3 hours only.

a group of food in plastic containers

Etihad New Onboard Economy Meals On The A320/A321 Fleet.

The airline also has a retail menu in the Economy cabin called ‘Sweet or Salty.’ The new menu will stock items from Thortons, Heavenly, Perrier, Starbucks, Bateel and Cawston Press.


The new of this upgrade is music to ears of passengers. It’s always nice to see when airlines fully upgrade the interiors onboard their aircraft and it looks like Etihad is putting some effort in doing so. I haven’t flown on Etihad’s narrow body aircraft in a. few years so couldn’t tell you what the interiors looked like recently however, I had heard they were in need of a little makeover so this is fantastic to see.

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Morgan April 30, 2019 - 9:27 am

Is this some sort of joke? Or is this a paid endorsement to Etihad (which if it is will stop my readership and others) how is this in any way positive, they are removing seatback entertainment from these planes and are also expanding their buy on board menu and trying to offer less complementary food. I think you might be confused with Qatar who are genuinely making positive changes to their economy product.

anelephant April 30, 2019 - 6:24 pm

Glorified cost cutting!

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