Over the past few months, we’ve seen Etihad cost cut quite significantly and as a result of that, a lot of things have been taken away or changed, mostly for the worse. The carrier also hasn’t been expanding near as much as they used due and this is due to the fact that they’re both retiring aircraft and they just don’t have the money to expand. The A340’s are all just about gone and even 777’s are being retired and it’s quite sad to see the 5-star carrier in this shape.

As I mentioned before, a lot of things have been taken away and a lot of those are routes and aircraft being taken of them. Etihad took the A380 off Melbourne and recently they announced that they would be discontinuing services to San Fransisco which honestly didn’t surprise me too much.

Etihad 777 First Class

Sadly, Etihad is going to be cutting another U.S route and this one is quite a surprising one. From March 25th of 2018, the Abu Dhabi based carrier will no longer fly to Dallas Fort Worth International airport.

Here’s the offical statement from Etihad,

“The unfortunate decision by American Airlines to terminate a commercial relationship that benefited both carriers has left Etihad with no choice but to suspend flights between our Abu Dhabi home and Dallas/Fort Worth.

“We are open to American Airlines reversing its decision to cancel our codeshare agreement so that Etihad Airways can continue the route and together protect and support American national interests and global connectivity while driving commercial value for both airlines.”

The airline has also stated that this is ‘one’ of several changes they’re making to the U.S network and to me that’s hinting that there are more cuts on the way.

In spite of this, the airline will continue to fly double daily to New York’s JFK airport, and daily to both Washington, Chicago and Los Angeles.

The carrier has serviced DFW for 3 years and have been using the 777-300ER.

It’s sad to see the airline cut another route and sadly I don’t think we’ve seen the end of it. I’d imagine the next one would be a downgrade to JFK or Chicago.