Etihad Introduce Pay-Per-Access Lounge Entry

by Zac George
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Hmmm, it seems Etihad is now playing follow the leader. Last year Emirates announced Per Per Entry into their First & Business Lounges and now Etihad is following along.

The move doesn’t see First lounge access being able to be bought (which is a good move), but I would say the lounges will really start to reach capacity now.

Obviously, If you have status, are in a Premium cabin or using the Meet and Greet service this won’t apply to you.

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Etihad Lounge London

Here are the lounges where you can pay to enter:

  • Etihad Business Class Lounge Abu Dhabi Terminal 1
  • Etihad Business Class Lounge Abu Dhabi Terminal 3
  • Etihad First & Business Class Lounge London Heathrow
  • Etihad First & Business Class Lounge Manchester
  • Etihad Business Class Lounge Dublin
  • Etihad First & Business Class Lounge Paris
  • Etihad First & Business Class Lounge Washington Dulles
  • Etihad First & Business Class Lounge New York JFK
  • Etihad First & Business Class Lounge Melbourne
  • Etihad First & Business Class Lounge Sydney

Now obviously, there is a few terms and conditions, and here they are:

  • Access must be paid for by credit card
  • Children are charged 50% of the Adult rate
  • Spa and Shave treatments are NOT included
  • Access is based on space and cannot be purchased in advance

The price is determined by airport, I was told that the average price for access is $60USD.

Do I agree with the move?

In my opinion It kind of ruins the purpose of the lounge which is to be ‘Exclusive’ as this now means the lounges will fill up a whole lot more. I know a lot of people will disagree with me but that’s what I think. I love if a lounge is quiet, there’s sufficient food and the wifi is fast, I think this will no longer be too common with max capacity.

The airline is obviously doing this to make more revenue, It’s no secret the airlines in the Middle East are all in financial trouble and it’s not what it was like 10 years ago. We’ve seen things like airlines cutting brands of waters to airlines giving the same pyjamas to both Business and First.


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Steven Burns March 20, 2017 - 2:09 am

I know it’s 40 GBP per person to use the Etihad lounge at Manchester. Personally, this move completely defeats the reason of having a lounge, which is to have a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere in which you can work if you choose. The last thing I want to see is groups of people devouring the buffet and drinking as much as they can to get their money’s worth.

Zac George March 20, 2017 - 2:11 am

Thanks for the heads up Steven. I agree 100%, it’s quite sad to see this is a growing trend.

Steven March 20, 2017 - 2:58 am

I am a Platinum member with Etihad, so at least I still have the serene atmosphere of the F lounge in Abu Dhabi. The next time I will have the use of an Etihad lounge at an outstation will be at Manchester in early August. Time will tell how it will be compared to previous occasions when I have used that lounge.

Luke Vader March 20, 2017 - 11:54 am

Coming to an Emirates/Etihad lounge near you… “the barbarian horde” scene replay from the movie ‘Gladiator’.

Actually, the old Capital One commercials with credit card wielding Visigoths is probably more accurate. 🙂

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Ambita Darius Chenai November 21, 2017 - 11:07 pm

Can you pay and use a lounge if not flying on etihad?

Zac George November 25, 2017 - 1:01 pm

Sadly not, only when flying on Etihad metal.

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