Transfer Points From Various Banks To Virgin Australia And Receive 15% Bonus Velocity Points

by Zac George

Virgin Australia is currently running a promotion which allows you to transfer your points from participating banks and card issuers to Velocity and receive a 15% bonus on points transferred. Some banks are even offering bonuses of up to 50%. The offer ends on the 31st of May 2017. For more information on the promotion click here.

Here are the following banks and card issuers that can be transferred:

  • American Express (minimum transfer is 2000 points on all cards)
  • ANZ Rewards (minimum transfer is 2 points on all cards)
  • ANZ Business Rewards (minimum transfer is 2500 points on all cards)
  • Commonwealth Bank (minimum transfer is 3600 points on all cards)
  • NAB (minimum transfer is 3000 points on all cards)
  • Westpac (Only if Altitude Rewards have opted into Velocity)
  • Citibank (minimum transfer is 20,000 on all cards)
  • St.George (Must be opted into Velocity)
  • Bank of Melbourne (Only if Amplify members have opted into Velocity)
  • BankSA (Only if Amplify members have opted into Velocity)
  • HSBC (Platinum and Premier card holders only) (minimum transfer of 5000 points)
  • Diners Club (minimum transfer is 7500 points)
  • Card Services (minimum transfer rate is 25000 points)
  • Suncorp Bank (minimum transfer rate is 25000 points)
  • Bank Of Queensland (Platinum card holders only) (minimum transfer rate is 30000 points)
  • Coles Credit Cards (Flybuys) – (minimum transfer rate is 2000 points)

On top of this, you’re also able to transfer points from Flybuys to Velocity and receive a 15% bonus. Another interesting thing to note is American Express Platinum and Centurion Card holders get a 25% transfer bonus.

ANZ bank is also currently offering an even better transfer rate of 50% until the 31st of May.

What should you redeem Velocity points on?

Redeeming points both on Domestic and International flights is relatively easy and is great value.  You can fly on Virgin’s new Business Class suites to Los Angeles for 95,500 points one-wayMelbourne to Hong Kong for 59,500 points and even Perth for 35,500 points.

Virgin Australia Business Class

You can also redeem for Etihad Airways in First, Business and Economy. A one-way fare in the Apartments will cost you 152,500 points from Sydney to Abu DhabiIt’ll cost you 104,000 points in Business Class from Australia to Abu Dhabi and it’ll cost 56,000 points for a one-way Economy flight from Australia to Abu Dhabi.

Etihad A380 Apartments

If you need to see how many points a certain flight will cost, the airline has a helpful tool which is found here.

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