Fly To Hong Kong For Less Than $500 Return With Virgin Australia

by Zac George
a plane on the runway

Hong Kong is a fantastic city to visit and one of my favourites I’ve seen so far. While I’m sure most all of you would have seen the protests and destructive scenes in the media, the city is still safe to visit and I can personally back that up as I visited during the peak of it. Obviously, some areas will be best avoided, but most of the major attractions are open.

The city itself is full of interesting things to see and do including visiting the world-famous Victoria Peak, walking around Disneyland, visiting the Big Buddha, seeing Victory Harbour or enjoy cocktails in the worlds highest bar situated at the Ritz Carlton, the list goes on and on.

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Fly to Hong Kong for less than $500 return with Virgin Australia

Website Secretflying was the first to post about the flights, and they were able to find flights for $478 however when I was looking, I was able to find flights at $483 – It’s not a huge difference but just interesting. The dates for these flights are all throughout May and June to the start of July which is the rainy season, so that’s also something to think about. Here is the full page with all of the dates.

When you click on any of the dates, they’ll direct you straight to Skyscanner, and this is where you’ll be able to book your tickets with one of the OTA’s available to choose from. When I was making my dummy bookings, Aunt Betty and BYOjet continued to provide the best price for the searches I was doing.

All of these flights are Ex. Sydney, sadly Melbourne services are not apart of this deal.

a screenshot of a flight schedule

Virgin Australia utilities their A330-200 aircraft on the route, this will soon be Virgin’s only flight to Hong Kong as they will pull their Melbourne service in favour for the upcoming Brisbane – Haneda service.

Virgin Australia’s A330 is filled with a total of 255 economy seats (8 being economy x), and they’re fitted out in a 2-4-2 configuration.

I’ve yet to fly the Virgin A330 economy product, but for those interested, the seats are leather, feature a pitch of 31’inches, a width of 17.4 inches and they feature a 9-inch IFE screen as well as USB power located on the seat in front of you.

a white airplane flying in the sky

Virgin Australia A330

How many points and status credits will these flights earn?

  • These tickets are Getaway fares and will earn you a total of 60 status credits (30 each sector).
  • As these tickets are Getaway fares, you’ll earn 0.5 Velocity points per mile which would net you a total of 2292.5 points.
  • The above total is just a base rate and if you have status with the airline that will change accordingly to the status.

While these flights aren’t meant to be great for earning, the price alone on that is just fantastic if you’re looking at getting away for a good price or even for families who have to book for multiple people.

I’ve always found Virgin’s international service to be great and would be interested in trying their economy out, at these prices It’s pretty tempting. As a comparison, most of the other airlines are about $20-100 more expensive.


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