Buy Velocity Points With A 15% Discount

by Zac George
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Since 2017, Virgin Australia has given Velocity members the ability to buy points. The airline introduced their points booster as a way for guests to quickly attain points which is extremely helpful when you’re short for a redemption and have no other way to get points. The points booster program works in conjunction with, who is the leading provider of points exchange programs, and they work with airlines like Alaska, Etihad, American and Hilton among many other airlines and hotel providers.

Velocity is currently running a promotion which will give you a 15% discount when you purchase points through the points booster. 

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Virgin Australia 737

When does the promotion end?

The promotion is running now until the 10th of February. If you’d like to purchase points, you’ll want to click here, sign in to your Velocity account and you’ll be taken straight to the promotion.

How many points can I purchase with the discount?

For this promotion, there’s no minimum amount of points you have to purchase to get the discount; it actually applies to every amount. The absolute maximum amount of points you’re able to purchase each year of your membership is 250,000 with the minimum being only 1000 points.

As you can see here, I’ve listed the table with the prices before the discount. If you’d like to see the prices with the discount applied, take a look here.

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Do the points take long to appear in your account?

From experience buying points through Velocity, the points have deposited straight into my account a few minutes after making the transaction. I’ve made several transactions via and can honestly say I’ve only had points arrive late and that was with Alaska.

Does it make sense to buy points?

While these promotions may sound nice, they’re not the greatest way to get value when you’re going to make a redemption. These offers are great if you’re desperately in need of a small number of points, but I wouldn’t at all recommend going and buying large amounts of points, it’s just not cost-effective.

In saying that, at the end of the day, people will always value their points differently and what you choose to do with them is your choice.

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Virgin Australia A330 Business Class


These types of promotions are quite common, and we’ll probably be seeing a few more this year. It’s an excellent way for an airline to grow revenue from their program, and it’s quite evident that it’s the case, look at how many AA run per year, for example.

Do you value buying Velocity points?


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