Velocity Adds Greater Earning For Elite Members Through Ola

by Zac George
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Ridesharing services are an extremely vital part of the travel world now, and that is continuing to grow with companies sprouting up every few months. In Australia, we have three leading players – Uber, Ola and Didi. Uber is arguably the most significant ridesharing service as it’s been the front runner for a long time. Ola is a close second, and their business seems to be doing exceptionally well. Didi is the smallest of them all, but it’s also a striving business as many drivers use all of the platforms above, giving them the most significant amount of rides possible.

As well as being more accessible and cheaper than using a taxi or private car service, two of the programs are partnered with our two major airlines, Qantas and Virgin Australia giving guests the chance to earn points.

Velocity elite members will now hugely benefit from the increased earning rates

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Photo by Victor Xok on Unsplash

Velocity has just recently announced an upgrade to their scheme, and it’s incredibly attractive, especially if you’re an elite member with Velocity. This is an excellent move from both companies, and this has now made them the most competitive and valuable option for points earning.

What will I now earn on my Ola trips?

  • If you’re a Platinum member of Velocity, you will now be able to earn 4 points per $ whenever you take airport trips
  • If you’re a Gold member of Velocity, you will now be able to earn 3.5 points per $ whenever you take airport trips
  • if you’re a Silver member of Velocity, you will now be able to earn 3 points per $ whenever you take airport trips
  • If you’re a Red member of Velocity, you will continue to be able to earn 2 points per $ whenever you take airport trips

If you’re taking an Ola anywhere else but the airport, you’ll continue to earn 1 point per $, this remains unchanged.

As a reference, Qantas recently announced the removal of the bonus points for elite members and instead, everyone would be given the same earn rate of 1 point per $ for airport drives, that’s not competitive at all. Yes, you may get 2000 points for your first ride, but the earning sides of things are pretty disappointing.

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Virgin Australia 737-800


This is a fantastic move from both Ola and Virgin, and I believe this will be used heavily. I’ve always been an Uber fanboy for whatever reason, probably just because I’m used to the interface etc. but this new offer is an excellent option for when I’m flying on Virgin.

The new offer seems to be another improvement coming from the airline after their recent buyback of the Velocity program, and I really hope it continues. Velocity is investing quite a lot of time and money into their program and creating great incentives for passengers while doing so – Good work Velocity.

Will you be using Ola for your airport trips?

Featured Image – Photo by why kei on Unsplash

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