Virgin Australia Is Currently Offering Double Status Credits

by Zac George

I always enjoy writing about these promotions because I know a lot of people will take advantage of the offer and can get extremely good value out of them. Not long ago Qantas was offering double status credits however, this time round, Virgin Australia’s bringing passengers the bonus.

Virgin’s double status promotion is valid for the next 7 days and can accessed here. The promotion is a great way to jump up in status if you’ve been waiting to do so, these offers don’t come around all the time so when they do, it’s best you take advantage of the promotion.

Here’s some key notes regarding the promotion:

  • Travel has to be taken from Today until the 14th of April 2020
  • All flights have to be on Virgin Australia aircraft
  • Los Angeles and Hong Kong flight are NOT included in this offer
  • Reward seats do NOT earn status credits

For those who are not aware of how many status credits are required for a select level, here they are:

  • Platinum requires you to earn 1000 status credits, 800 to retain
  • Gold requires you to earn 500 status credits and 400 to retain
  • Silver requires you to earn 250 status credits and 200 to retain

If you’re wanting to know what benefits you’ll receive with each status, click here.

You have access the Virgin Australia lounges if you’re a Gold or Platinum member

If you’re wanting to get some fantastic value for money with the offer I’d look at flights too and from New Zealand. For a long time, NZ has been a hotspot for value especially if you’re starting your journey there. However if you don’t want to fly internationally, multi stop flights in Business can also provide from pretty great value. A good one that I’ve done a few times is Gold Coast – Adelaide with a stop in Melbourne.

If you’re happy to travel a bit to smaller airports, you’ll find the prices, especially in Business can be pretty discounted compared to flying out of major hubs.


If you’ve been wanting to earn status with Virgin or bump up to the next level, now’s your best time to do so. For finding and searching flights, I’d recommend using google flights which can directly transfer you to Virgin’s website to complete the booking.

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