Virgin Australia Is Offering A Double Status Credits Promotion

by Zac George
a plane engine on the ground

It’s that time of the year, time to think about airline status for next year and also trying to requalify for the status you wish to hold. This year has been quite a slow year for double status credits promotions but finally — some great news for travellers using the Velocity program.

Virgin Australia is currently running a double status credits promotion which is actually public, yes, you read that correctly – PUBLIC. As I mentioned before, it’s been very slow seeing these types of offers and there really only has been targeted or very limited promotions around, it’s nice to see an offer finally, and I’m sure it’ll be popular.

a white airplane in the sky

Virgin Australia 737

Important details regarding the double status credits promotion:

  • You have to activate the offer through the offers tab when you sign in to your Velocity account
  • You may not have received an email with the promotion; if not, it’s ok – you’re still eligible for the offer. You can also register for the promo here.
  • You have to book flights between now until the 24th of November
  • You have to take these flights between now and until the 13th of October 2020
  • All flights have to be taken on Virgin Australia to qualify for the double status credits
  • The double status credits may take up to 4 weeks until they appear in your account
  • Status credits can only be earned on revenue tickets
  • Upgrades do not mean you’ll be given a higher amount of credits; you’ll earn the amount from your original ticket when you made the purchase
  • You cannot combine this offer with another promotion
a row of seats in an airplane

Virgin Australia 737 Business Class

For those that aren’t aware or need a refresher, below I’ve listed the number of status credits you’ll need for each respective status level:

  • Silver – to earn silver status, you’ll need to earn 250 status credits and to requalify, you’ll need to earn 200 status credits
  • Gold – to earn Gold status, you’ll need to earn 500 status credits and to requalify, you’ll need to earn 400 status credits
  • Platinum – to earn Platinum status, you’ll need to earn 1000 status credits and to requalify, you’ll need to earn 800 status credits

To see the status credit earning charts, click the link here for more details.

a large white airplane with red writing

Virgin Australia 777-300/ER

I’m currently at the stage of working out what I’ll be doing for status and what my next steps are, and this couldn’t have landed at more of a perfect time.

I currently hold Platinum with Virgin and Gold with Qantas, but this will definitely help me retain Platinum by the start of the new year. My travel recently has been very busy domestically, and I find Virgin status to be very useful on these sectors, especially with the use of Economy X seating as well as the four complimentary upgrades which are always useful on short-haul pacific routes as well as coast to coast services.

For those that are chasing that next level or have to retain their status, now is definitely the time to look at your options and book, there won’t be another offer like this by the end of the year and probably a few months into next year.



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