An Insight Into What Virgin Australia’s New Fare’s Will Look Like

by Zac George
a large white airplane with red writing on it

A few days ago I was given these PDF’s containing some information on Virgin Australia’s new fares. If you haven’t already I’d heavily advise reading my post about Virgin Australia changing it’s fare to get a good idea what is going to happen in the near future.

There are 3 Pdf’s available to look at:

Domestic, Trans Tasman and International

Domestic - Retail


Trans Tasman

Trans Tasman

International Long Haul

International Long Haul


It’s good to finally be able to see what are the good and bad parts of the new fares. A lot of passengers are not happy with the changes and are jumping to different airlines but for the ones staying these documents are a good reference for what we’ll be seeing in the not too distant future.


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