If you’ve read the blog the past few days, you most likely would have seen the two posts on it, if not here they are: Review – Etihad Residence Lounge, Abu Dhabi & Review – The Etihad Residence, Abu Dhabi To Sydney.

The posts have gone absolutely insane, and I’m extremely happy with how they have been performing, I would never have thought it would have been so big, but I was presently surprised. So far I’ve had job offers, many interview requests but the best would have to of been getting interviewed by Richard Quest from CNN!

The feedback I’ve been getting on the website has been fantastic and pretty good on social media but damn those ‘supposedly  elite’ frequent flyer groups can be vicious.

I’ve been getting a number of questions regarding the flight, lounge, concierge, etc. , on this post, I’ll try to be as In depth as possible with the whole booking process, concierge and ground service.


Booking a flight is usually pretty standard, but when booking the Residence, there’s a few little extra pop-ups and screens that appear.

Once you’ve booked, you’ll get a call from Etihad’s VIP concierge to talk you through everything and welcome you to the whole residence experience. The team are really friendly and try to help in any way possible.

After the phone call, you’ll be sent two emails (above and below). This is also when you can request nearly anything.

What you request is up to you, I’ve been told there was one passenger that just wanted red skittles and they were more than happy to allow it.

  • You can request the gender of the Butler onboard
  • Onboard amenities
  • Food and drinks both in the lounge and onboard
  • Almost anything in between!

What did I request?

I requested both my butler Johan and Chef Imke. Etihad was more than happy to put them on the flight and I was extremely impressed they were able to do so.

The menu can be fully customisable to whatever you like, for this flight I didn’t request anything particular as I just wanted to try the pre-set menu which was fantastic.


The chauffeur is actually handled by a different department but still have fantastic service. The day before you depart in the residence you’ll get a phone call to confirm pick up time, passengers and how many cars you’ll need. As a Residence passenger you can take four bags, but if you have status, you can take even more.

Etihad Residence Chauffeur

What does the flight earn?

As the Etihad Guest program is distance based the points and tier miles are calculated on what cabin you fly on and the distance. The Abu Dhabi – Sydney flight, is 7492 miles and as a Residence guest, you earn a 400% Guest miles bonus. You also get 4 Tier miles per mile.